June 2020

Attend ENDEX, explore Japanese funeral traditions & discover the Land of the Rising Sun!

Our private guides and drivers will help you navigate through Tokyo’s cultural landmarks, fashionable neighborhoods, and diverse shopping districts. Explore world famous attractions like Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace, Asakusa, and Odaiba. Visit Mt. Fuji, ride a shinkansen bullet train, and stay at a Japanese Hot Springs hotel. From there you can unwind in the hot springs (onsen) and dine on gourmet kaiseki cuisine.

Spend two days in the ancient city of Kyoto, where you will gain exclusive access to the city’s top gardens, temples, shrines, and specialty shops. You will also get the opportunity to experience a green tea ceremony and watch a kimono fashion show. In Nara, be inspired by the intricate architecture and towering monuments. Here, you will understand why this city is considered the birthplace of Buddhism in Japan.

You will finish the trip in Yokohama where you will attend ENDEX, Japan’s leading funeral and cemetery exhibition.